Rossana Gotelli, sculptress, alive and she works in Genoa where she was born in the 1959.
In 1981 it achieves the diploma to the to.B.To. of Florence raced of sculpture. She frequents sculptor Garaventa's study where it deepens the techniques of the marble and the bronze and a group of artists to Milan, known representatives of the Poor art what Fabro and Nagasawa with which it deepens the knowledge of the elements of the visual language.
She frequents courses to deepen the technique of the ceramics with the Teachers Rigon, Toniolo and Cimatti. From 1990 it is titular of desk to the L.To.S. -klee-barabino - of Ge where D teaches. Plastics and laboratory of design.
For his/her students it coordinates various cultural events among which, in 2001, the decoration in ceramics of the rooms of the day hospital oncologico of the hospital - Villa Burglaries - to Genoa and in 2003, 2004, 2005 the share to the show - ceramics treasures - to Genoa; in 2016 the decoration in ceramics and glass for a cruise ship of the GNV.

She coordinates the exposures near the museum of the ceramics of Nine and launchings raced on the techniques of the ceramics: raku with the teacher Toniolo (2005 and 2009) and with the teacher Rizzelli from 2010 to 2015; mattoncino and enamels with the teacher Rigon (2006 2007); ingobbi and paperclay with the teacher.Cimatti (2009 /2015).

From 1993 it exposes sculptures in the prestigious centers in italia and to the foreign countries. -I center Italo-French; gallery d' art Blue Footstep; Ducal building to Genoa; cultural centers in italia and allâ€.estero; Stores of the Cotton and Fair in Genoa;

She teaches the techniques of the ceramics in progress theoretical-practical public and privacies. In 2006 it realizes a sculpture for the V.of the F. of New York on application of the officers of the fire and the artistic High school in Genoa and it participates in the celebrations of September 11 to New York. In May 2007 it wins the Third prize to the contest - You night of the Museums - to the Museum of the ceramics of Nine. The work is exposed in the museum.

In the 2008 Rossana Gotelli it inaugurates a new center-study.
In the 2008 Rossana Gotelli it inaugurates a new center-study.
The dream and the wish that have inspired him/it it is that to create a point of comparison, in which the single individual can enrich the really - fareâ€.artistico - a space of close examination for the employees and for the impassioned ones.

In 2010 it participates in the contest - The Mediterranean -, the sketch is selected for the exposure; it coordinates the decoration in ceramics of the sottopasso of Wide Bagnara: his/her students realize 54 tiles interpreting the work - The river - of Klee and about ten artists realize a work site specific; it participates in the contest announced by the MIDEC of Cerro, the sketch is selected for the exposure.

In June 2011 it wins the Second Prize to the Contest of the international festival of the Maiolica announced by the commune of Albissola.

She is invited as chairman in conferences and lectures. From February 2013 it is President of the cultural association SCULTURACERAMICA, been born for wish of some artists whose objective it is the attention and the promotion of the contemporary art, aware of the' importance that its value dresses again in this moment of serious human and social crisis.

Carrying line is in fact not only the moment of arrival, this the work, but rather the run effected for arriving us, made of human relationships, exchanges of experiences, and not only competences, creation of value. Particular attention is turned to the young people for which courses of free ceramic formation are activated.

For and with sculturaceramica, it exposes to the polyvalent room of the commune of Recco in the show - clay sentinels -; to Argillà to Faenza; near the rooms of the AC Hotel in Genoa; in Gallery of art in walk to Camogli; demonstration in Rome - the rakuriosis -; to ArteGenova near the tents espositivi of the fair of the sea in Genoa.

In 2015 it realizes a video on the techniques of the ceramics required from the publishing house Loescher for the book - To glimpse - of the author Elena Tornaghi.
tel. +39 329 53 20 906